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The Beginning of a New Blogging

There was really a time in my life that I was blogging for myself. Blogging for me is an outlet to express. It must remain to be a journal, the content must never be compromised for commercial purposes. The reason I made a new blog aside from ‘The Flip Guide’ is that I wanted to share with you guys a new facet of my life that may be considered as a ‘turning point’.

The Misery of Living Lavishly

This blog will narrate almost everything in my life. I have to set a parameter for this one as I will be dwelling to a more personal side of my life. The reason I want to do this is that there must be a depository of my thought. At least, I must have something that will contain all the chapters of my mundane existence.

Not many people know that my first job as a salesman was very difficult. But my first job was so financially rewarding I was the highest paid entry-level Account Manager in the company. There was a quarter wherein I got a paycheck worth 40k +. The commissions I got are so tempting. I was spending lavishly. I was paying this and that. I was swiping my credit card without hesitations. I am a careless spender on the loose.

I was able to sustain my life financially during those times. I treat colleagues and families almost every week. I buy shoes and shirts in an almost daily basis. Gadgets were my fetish, I was having an intimate affair with cellphones and laptops.

It was until I realize I am slowly losing my money.

The sad realization of a simple life

Then I moved to a new company. My next job is supposed to orient me to a new lifestyle that can get me out of the rat race I was into. It was a promising move. The office is a five-minute travel away from my home. It was the most convenient conveyance ever. The salary is good, or should I say, sustainable enough. I thought living near the office will save me more money.

Apparently not. It was another lifestyle that led me into another version of a rat race. I was eating in lavish restaurants and buying stuff almost every week. I was into smoking again and I am buying lighter everyday because I am too egoistic to borrow someone else’s lighter.

Clearly there was really something wrong with me. There is a great battle inside of me that I cannot win. My sales performance was dropping significantly. I am not selling enough. I am demotivated, a headless chicken I must say.

The bold move

My credit cards interests are bloating up. I cannot pay them anymore. I quit my job after I got an unexpected offer from an international job search engine. I negotiated with them to match my currently salary since what they offered me is somehow within the range of my salary with my current employer. After careful evaluation, I decided to move on. The offer was not that big, but at least it would be enough to sustain me. I accepted the job because it has been a constant desire of mine to work with a global brand. It was a new chapter in my career and I was excited.

The new chapter begins

Today I was so delighted to write again. To blog is to inspire is to express. Today, I am giving myself another shot. A chance of a lifetime. The road is so uncertain, it will be another difficult travel and I am so excited to go for it – head on.



2 thoughts on “The Beginning of a New Blogging

  1. Hi Gian! Bumped into your blog through Sleek in the City. I am very proud of what you have achieved despite you keep on running the rat race. But there is still hope, and I am very happy that you have realized that it’s time to get out.

    Thank you for all the ‘libre’ in the past. It’ll probably won’t happen again, but thank you for being a friend.

    Posted by Sinag Abello (@sinagshine) | September 30, 2011, 6:52 am

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