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Day 9 of Quitting

It has been more than a week already since I quit smoking. It has been a wonderful commitment and I am finally loving this. I almost thought that giving up would be a hard thing to do. It has been a constant struggle for me to finally quit puffing.

Just recently, I took a vow of a healthy lifestyle. I have been feeling very weak the past few days and my immune system is failing me big time. I knew that all the oily foods, endless sweets and excessive sodium are not making me feel any better. I can’t breath easily, climbing the MRT stairs everyday was a constant struggle.

So there, I posted it on Facebook, a manifesto invoking my unwavering commitment to finally give up smoking and immediately start going for a healthy lifestyle. I knew this is going to be a success, because I believe that if you want to achieve something you must tell it to the universe that you want it. I want people to know that I entered this commitment with a full heart and this is going to benefit me in the long run.

How to quit?

Quitting smoking is not easy. That is a sad and brutal fact. If you have the will and the desire to quit smoking it must start ‘NOW’. I am just one of you guys who shun away all advices of quitting. I have a deaf ear for smoking effects testimonials. I have a hard time to quitting. My mind is processing a powerful thought to stop thinking about quitting because it is impossible and nicotine is really addictive.

The reason why you don’t quit is you haven’t felt a great urge to do it. You are probably in a stage wherein you feel there are still plenty of time to spend and quitting can come a little bit later.

Below you will find some of the great tips to quit smoking that I gathered from the web. I also managed to add some inputs that I feel is imperative (or rather effective) for this quitting effort.

1. Finally say ‘yes’ to quitting and process ‘morbid’ thought to your heads. The mind is very powerful, it can tempt you to stop thinking about quitting and just continue doing it. This is prevalent especially when you are feeling well, or you haven’t felt a single ill-effect of smoking yet. What you can do is to finally accept the fact that ‘smoking kills’. I guarantee you, if you don’t stop you will die young. Not only you will die young, it can cause cancer and it will absorb all your future savings for medical expenses.

2. Never keep a cigarettes, not in your pocket, office, nor home. Even better, throw away everything that connected to a cigar, such as matches and ashtray. You won’t need it anymore. (http://freshandhealth.com/2010/06/quick-guides-to-quit-smoking/)

3. Get busy. The reason why you smoke is either you are so stressed, you want to give yourself a break or an escape from your boss or from the pile of your works, OR you are not doing anything at all that you want to get out of the office and make ‘smoking break’ a legitimate excuse. Get busy, find a reason to make yourself productive. If you haven’t been assigned with a job or task by your boss, try organizing files and database. By all means, find a diversion!

4. Smoking is associated with drinking alcohol and coffee. They come together, and if you stop drinking these two things also, you are in it to win it!

5. Broadcast your commitment. Share it to as many people as much as possible. These people (friends, family, colleagues) will serve as your positive reinforcement. They will remind you, they will be your inspiration to continue with your initiative as you will be afraid to disappoint them.

6. Together with quitting, commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly, relax every now and then, eat healthy foods. And always drink plenty of water. You must start living according to what is right.

7. Remember that Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death and you will never know whether you will be lucky to escape this truth.

So that’s it. Quitting is never easy, but everything will be worth it in the end. It is time to take care of yourself.

Good Luck to us!



2 thoughts on “Day 9 of Quitting

  1. Congrats!!!! Shifting to a healthier lifestyle is pretty difficult. But when you realize that your health is failing, then there’s nothing else to do, right?

    I’m still having trouble committing to a healthier lifestyle but I’m doing some small steps. Exercise na lang talaga ang kulang! 😀

    Posted by Robbie | April 23, 2011, 2:03 am

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