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Where is Milan in Asia?

The World's first biodegradable car "Phoenix" is built in 10-days incorporating local materials such as bamboo, rattan, steel and nylon

The answer – – the Philippines

My sudden infatuation with Philippine handicrafts and furnitures came about when my boss and his wife told me how they love Philippine furniture and handicrafts. I remember one time they asked me where they can shop for a good handicrafts, I can’t think of anything except Tiendesitas. I know this is a perfect suggestion for them because I was able to find some beautiful pieces in that place.

We had a dinner in Zuni last Monday (and I have to say their Pica Pica is really nice) and it was a topic of a discussion. My boss is an Indian, he hailed from New Delhi and his wife have nice words to say about the Philippine craftsmanship. She and our General Manager for SEA finds Philippine furniture and handicrafts topnotch and of superior quality. I was so elated to hear their words about our local products. I know every country has their own products to be proud of, but I never realized that our furniture is truly world-class.

You see, it is not just Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda who make us proud, our local handicrafts are making a statement of its own in the international arena. Take for example, Kenneth Cobonpue, excellent Industrial Designer born in Cebu Philippines. His signature designs are made of natural fibers and local materials such as rattan and bamboo and abaca.

His brilliant pieces did not escape the eyes of the celebrated couple – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

“In the beginning, I was looking at nature and I was trying to analyze what makes nature so beautiful. It’s actually the interplay of branches, leaves and foliage. And when light hits the leaves, it becomes more beautiful. And I wanted to catch that in furniture design in a small way,” he said on an interview with ANC Headstart.

I visited his site and took an awesome dip into his marvelous collection. Take a look at his ‘Bloom Chair’ that was just bought by none other than the Queen Rania of Jordan, one of the most beautiful royalties in the world.

Cobonpue’s creations adorn the lobbies and rooms of the world’s poshest hotels and resorts – Greece, Spain, Mexico to name a few.

Another masterpiece to be proud of – A nature-inspired technological breakthrough

Notwithstanding China’s threat of imitation, Cobonpue once again showed the world how innovative, ingenius and creative Filipino artists are. Recently he has displayed what is known to be as the “world’s first biodegradable car”.

Make your momma proud

Now I know what to say whenever people from other countries would like to see in the Philippines. We must be proud of what we do. We are a nation of artists and we must stay away from mediocrity. This country has a lot of potential in the international scene, we just need to be confident and proud of our skills.



2 thoughts on “Where is Milan in Asia?

  1. philippine crafts are defintely beautiful and so underpriced in relation to its quality and design..gian, u can recommend to your boss that Arcade behind Mayon st./Welcome rotonda..(forgot the exact street name)..the arcade is full of small shops..all filipino made crafts…-cez

    Posted by cecille | July 8, 2011, 8:49 pm
  2. or you can tell your boss to go to Quiapo Ilalim, they have nice handicrafts at very affordable prices

    Posted by Sinag Abello (@sinagshine) | September 30, 2011, 6:58 am

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