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Essence of Time Management

Admit it, that even though how much you would like things to happen according to your plan, shit still happens. Sometimes, what can be really frustrating is that when you think everything is going smooth-sailing, you have actually missed something very important.

Does it happen to you that you thought you have done all the tasks and meetings and it turned out that you have actually forgot an engagement and you just realized you have missed someone? Time management is so essential for sales people. Sales is probably one of the best arena to practice time management skills. Time management is so important it can make or break you. You probably have the most elite salesmanship skill or eloquence, charm and character, but if you suck in managing time and setting time expectations, you are in deep trouble.

I have the habit of writing my tasks in a paper. What I suggest is to go back to traditional way of “pen and paper”. It can really work. Even the most sophisticated iPhone or PC desktop organizer applications cannot replace the pen and paper habit. Put a check beside each tasks or crossed them out as soon as you finished them.

The Positive No

Perhaps one of the reason why we are stressed with dozens of tasks is because we are so afraid to say no to non-essential and unbelievable tasks. You have to realize that you can only do so much and you have to prioritize or select tasks that you feel is something that you can do. Why force on doing something that you cannot do well? There is such thing as a delegation of tasks and you must not be afraid to ask for help. 

Saying no to a task can be risky. It will take a skill to practice saying no to task that can not help you. You can always say, “I am afraid I cannot fully meet the task, however I’ll try to do it if I finish on these sets quickly, or best, if you need help, just let me know, I’ll try to multi-task”.

Realize that you are not Superman and you can only do so much. You don’t have to carry the pain of doing all the efforts to the point that it will compromise the quality of your job.

Calendar your meetings

Pro-activity. Enhance your organizing skills by tapping technical tools to assist you in reminding your meetings. Meeting Invitation via Outlook is something most of us do not really maximize. But it is really an aid to us especially if we are the kind of people who used to juggle 3-4 meetings per day. Without a reminder, you will get lost. You cannot remember everything. I am used to set meetings a week in advance so it is highly imperative for me to invite people through Outlook Meeting Request so that it will be recorded on my Calendar. 

Take a Break

Taking a break allows you to detoxify yourself and gives you a time to assess what needs to be done next. Take this opportunity to gather enough energy to maximize your time and ensure quality output for the next tasks.

Location Clustering

Planning a call always involve location-setting. It would be best if you can schedule several meetings located within a specific location so that you can save time on a travel.

Do not be afraid to re-schedule

Don’t be shy to move a meeting. They will understand because it also happens to them, to all of us. Moving a meeting is not an unprofessional thing to do, but moving it more than enough is something you must take into consideration.

Keep a Diary.

Stay away from Facebook and other social-media sites 🙂

So there. Time Management is something not only a salesperson would have to master at a certain point in their life. I guess it pretty much applies to all industries as it is a major tool in succeeding in your professional life



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