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The Success Discourse: Does Academic Honor translate to Success?

My attention to salary has been ignited when I read this article. The author claimed that by the age of 30, our salary must be 400% of your current (w)age. Such an ideal scenario but getting there is absolutely difficult.

In the article, there was an attempt to compare high-achievers to ordinary graduate professionals. According to the author, Summa Cum Laudes or academic honors holders rarely make it to the top, as his profession suggests, based on the following reasons: high expectations, too much idealism, individualism, and impatience.

I appreciate the article for its honesty and observation, but this may not necessarily be applicable or true to everybody. Being a Summa Cum Laude can give you an immediate career boost, and making it to the top depends on a person’s character, and I don’t believe all high-achievers have that general values (although I am convince that majority of them have an attitude problem).

Once you stepped in the professional world, you will be facing the world in a different perspective together with the rest of the fresh graduates. Regardless whether you are a topnotch student, with an arsenal of multiple recognitions from the most prestigious and expensive schools in the country, you will compete with hundreds and thousands of students/professionals with the same skill-set like yours. It’s a survival of the wittiest and fittest, it’s a dog eats dog world out there. My word of advice to the student once they leave the academic world is to get themselves dirty and brace for the worst. Leave your idealism slightly behind, just reserve a bit of it, and face the brutal fact that you will be shoved later on by people who has more balls than you.

Every time you meet the client, they will not ask for your credentials, your college background or the number of your medals, they will ask how good is your company and how good are you. Humility can outshine excellence, simplicity can outplay complexities.

I am a graduate of a topnotch Catholic University with honor. Although people in my job recognized my academic achievement from time to time, I am an under-performer. I am not the leader of the pack, I am bested by dozens of salespeople who has more balls and passion than me.

I left my medals behind, it is very heavy, all I need is the diploma and my birth certificate and everything is up to me.

I love the way he believes that the best career or opportunity is now in the Philippines and I completely adhere to the suggestion that a work’s location must not be the primary reason you want to leave your current job.

Finding a right career is not a walk in the park. I am a firm believer that for us to succeed we must jump to one career to another. We cannot learn everything in one school. I took the chance to work with a global brand after five grueling years of working in the telecommunications industry.

How to get a PHP 120,000 paycheck by the time you reach 30? Just sheer enthusiasm, passion for work that you love, and a tremendous amount of focus. Now, what will you do next?



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