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The Summer Heat + Ayala Avenue Facelift = Heatstroke

There is an ongoing heat wave happening all over the country. The hot spell we are experiencing right now is so intense I hear a couple of people has died of heat stroke already. Temperature in Manila this week has already reached a ridiculous 36 degrees Celsius and could well be considered as the hottest to date so far. We are fortunate enough not to bear the brunt of 38.1 dc that has tortured the people of Cabanatuan.

And most of you are probably are aware now that the author of this blog is a salesman and my responsibility is to visit clients and stay out of the office 70% of his time. I have no car, for so many years I am a struggling salesman and has to commute everyday in going to work.

If you happen to walk the long street of Ayala Avenue this past few days, you might probably share the same sentinent. Ayala Avenue is undergoing a major face-lift. What the hell is going on, the narrow sidewalk of Ayala Avenue just became narrower as the city is undergoing some major flooring renovation. Imagine walking from the Enterprise Center in Paseo to RCBC Plaza, with hundreds of people, under the unmerciful heat of the sun.

These are probably the days I don’t care if people saw me walking the street fanning myself to death or carrying a half-liter bottle of water. I need to survive in this hell-like world and there is no way I am going to succumb to heat stroke.

This validates my theory that our hot weather has a significant correlation or effect to our productivity. When it is hot, we are ill-tempered, reckless, impatient, lazy and uninspired. In a study by Vernon, it was even observed that heat stress has an adverse effect on the efficiency of men but a much smaller effect on women.

I recalled immediately Jose Rizal’s “The Indolence of the Filipinos” wherein he opined that one of the attributes why Filipinos are lazy could be because of our climate. I humbly believe so, I was thinking just recently if we have a relatively colder climate, the Filipinos are probably calmer, inspired and patience.

So if you have no choice but to walk a long alley or street in a commercial business district, please make yourself ready by bringing along with you protective tools like umbrella, fans, hats or caps, towelettes and most importantly water.



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