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Wow, I have been quite busy these past few weeks. The amount of work that needs to be done is just intense and I have been very focused on getting the tasks finished.

And fortunately, my target for the second quarter has been met already and I have achieved 120% of my target. Not bad, right?

And now I have to carefully lay out my plans and strategies for Q3 which I believe will be ridiculously difficult. Right now, there is a 150% chance that my Q3 target will be 200% of my current target. I can feel the pressure more than now since I have been experiencing some hurdles and challenges from the client’s buying behavior recently. They are no longer as receptive and warm as I expected them to be during my first days in my new job.

The Filipino Buying Behavior

Because of that, I was given an arduous task by my boss to analyze the market even further, by reckoning the most difficult question — why do Filipino’s are so lazy?

I know right, we are not lazy, but I can understand why they are saying that. My boss is an Indian, my other colleague is from Hyderabad as well, and we have met several clients already and we have experience a considerable amount of lackadaisical attitude from our clients. I was careful to defend that these clients may not be in the position to buy.

Probably the reason why they felt this way is because most of our clients fail to give us any updates or replies about our proposals. It takes weeks or months before they can get back to us. Sometime’s they even don’t made a reply. We are in a miserable state of getting more sales because the fortune of our company is at stake.

My weekend task is to give them an opinion on the nature of the Filipino buying habits.

The Human Resource department is at the least priority

I may be wrong and I need some validation from the Human Resources guys for this one. I believe that the Human Resources department has a very limited budget. I believe the bulk of a corporate budget is delegated majority to the operational sides. Network, IT Infrastructure.

But salary is a big part of the budget, but then again, it is more of a loss rather than an investment to some businesses.

Does bureaucracy plays a factor?

Believe it or not, we are still under a problematic corporate structure wherein processes and decision-making takes a very long time. Are we a nation of skeptics that’s why a new product or service is scrutinized to death first before making a decision?

We are so afraid to disappoint other people

I don’t know, but we have a soft side that makes us feel guilty if we say to a person that we are not interested with what they are selling. Too bad for us, salesman, who loves transparency and honesty, than false promises.

So there, I still have more hours to conclude and research more about this.




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