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goodbye harry potter, the movie that i loved the most

It was a cold, usual Monday morning of November, year 2001. I was a flismy, high school student, barely a wuss. I walk the corridor of my school as I mutter the word ‘wingardium leviosa’. I was bedazzled (or rather bewitched) by the last scenes that played in my mind, a vision of a flying bird feather as charmed by the everdearest Flitwick.


A decade of magical journey is about to end. Harry Potter, one of the century’s most succesful saga that has charmed millions of children and young adults worldwide is about to say goodbye to us and the rest of the magical community. It was an amazing ride and our fascination towards the makeshift world of JK Rowling is infinite. She has created a world that became a reality in the vividness of our imagination.


Children, born later than 1998 do not understand what we are going through right now. We, the high school and college students, were so engrossed with the word alohomora and avada kedavra. We are the generation who understand what episkey, boggart and mandrake is. We are the youth who knows that there is such a thing as polyjuice potion that can be used to copy one person’s physical body. We love football, but we love Quidditch more and we believe that there is really a killing curse and it is unforgiveable.


So please bear with us if you see us crying or sulking as our dearest Harry Potter will draw its final curtain.


A decade of fancy thoughts and fanaticism


I was a walking praying mantis during the early years of HP. I am sporting a big, round spectacles and it wasn’t a coincidence. I giggled at my classmates observation that I have a slight resemblance to Harry and that makes me want to emulate him further. There was a time I thought I was Harry and JK Rowling must have taken the idea from me.


I used to mutter incantations in the air, I whisper unforgiveable curses when I see people that I loathe (which is bad) and I used to brandish my pen as if it is a wand made of unicorn hair and say my favorite spell of all time — Expecto Patronum


My fanaticism is crazy, I bought every single merchandize with a Harry Potter on it. Being a poor student, a hapless scholar with barely a dime to spend, I saved a lot just to pay an aluminum pencil case with a Harry Potter on its cover, riding a poorly drawn broomstick.


My drafting board is made of Harry Potter collage. Every week I spent an hour making a collage of Harry Potter movie stills and print it in full-color resolution in UP coop, which costs Php 35.00. My college notebooks are covered with Harry Potter stills, I remember I printed a copy of Time Magazine with Daniel Radcliffe on the cover and it was a dearly possession.


They call me Gian Potter, and this monicker I revered dearly to the extent that I resolved to make it my official email address at that time.


No one in my school can match my deepest attachment to Harry Potter. At least in my limited knowledge.


An ending I will never forget


On the 14th of July, the world will bid farewell to Harry. I watched the coverage of the London premiere in Trafalgar square and I can hardly contain the sadness in my heart. A heavy boulder is trying to prevent me from resorting to the fact that indeed this is the end and there is no more Harry Potter 8 to wait for. I can’t put it into writing the amount of sadness that I feel when I see Emma Watson crying on stage while delivering her acknowledgment speech.


In a few days, I will watch how JK Rowling’s magnificent writing will be transformed to a semi-reality.


I would like to raise my wand up and send my charm to JK Rowling for making me believe that there is a magical world out there and it is not an insult to my religious belief to think that there was once a gay, old wizard who is considered to be one of the most powerful of all time.


I would like to hug her and thank her for making me a child in endless awe as I journey towards adulthood. She merely anchored me to a childish fascination which helped me overcome the overwhelming stress of the corporate world.


Once a Harry Potter fan, forever a harry potter fan, and I share this to millions (or billions) of fans all around the world.


See you on Thursday.




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