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The finish line is a long story…

While reading this post let me tell you that I wrote it using my new buddy ‘Bino’. Bino is my new toy, he is a Blackberry Bold 9700 and he is very amazing.

Anyway, how are you? –

I’m still alive, the salesman is still a salesman and things are getting tougher and tougher every single day. The previous quarter was a promising and victorious season for me. I hit 120% of my target.

Which led to one of the biggest mistake I had done in recent times. Probably you are asking, why mistake? You are supposed to celebrate right? Well, no….

In sales, you have to have the ability to reserve sales. It’s not hoarding or lying, it’s called ‘sandbagging’. A seasoned salesman should know when to declare a sale. He must consistently deliver every month and when he is done for the month and there is a surplus, he must consider sliding it for the next month. It’s not a must actually, again it’s a case to case basis.

What happened is that I lost the momentum and failed to prepare for the next quarter and this is precisely why I am a bit under the weather lately and blogging has been debased to the least of my priorities. But I’m taking a time out now and hopefully share more tips about the corporate world very soon. —- I have so many anecdotes and story to tell….



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