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Q4 Agenda – 1 week loss

Yesteday I had a sigh of relief to learn that one account was able to sign last Friday (September 30) which adds to my 40,000USD target. It was a superb news, however I still missed my target by 9%

In sales, and perhaps in any other business operation, month-end is always the critical part of job. It is when the expectations are set very high and deliverables/numbers are pushed/stretched to the limits.

I learned this lesson very hard before and for some reason I still don’t prepare for the impending challenges of a month-end lock out.

Are you into sales? Or are you contemplating of getting into sales lately? Well you should give it a try. Sales can be most rewarding especially when you are doing your job very well. And when I say reward it is not the peculiar pat on the back (or ass) or the overused remark – “good job”. – I am talking about money sweetie.

Imagine your paycheck, plus another paycheck worth your paycheck (or maybe double of it) in a single handover. Lovely. Salespeople are driven not by the quality of the reward, but by the number of it.

So, aside from telling you on some of my previous posts that prospecting is the key to sales success, highly important is also time.

Succesful salespeople are those who attempts to plan their day, scribble down their tasks and accomplish them one task at a time. Since salespeople are practically mobile and nomads they have to manage their time very effectively. Aside from managing it wisely, effectively (and more often cleverly), salespeople must attempt to close sales and hit their target early. It depends. Sales targets are normally set on a quarterly or monthly basis and whichever is the scheme, a salesman must be able to hit it before the month ends.

So there, I have another meeting to attend to. I’ll catch up with you later guys. Next topic:

How to be sane in an insane working environment…



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