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the long awaited story —-

Dear all,

How are you doing today? It must have been a hectic and toxic week so far. The holiday rush is starting to sink in deeper into our schedule and business is slow as usual. It is supposed to be a low season for us salespeople here in Manila and every foreign national who are trying to do business here in the Philippines must realize and understand that December is proportional to laxity and timidness.

Funny as this may seem, but December is also a season of buying. This is the season when customers try to exhaust all their budget and use their remaining money for additional vendors. As a salesman, and this is pretty much applicable to telco people, December is the gateway to frontloading. Service industry will attest to this that monthly paying clients would be more significant to the business if it is closed at the earliest possible time — ergo, January.

But in my case, since my client’s payment are on a one-time basis, frontloading is no longer the key to success. Well sandbagging might be the more appropriate term.

My sales so far is fortunately victorious. It is my most amazing year so far and I have exceeded even my own expectations. I have learn new valuable sales lessons along the way and I just thought of sharing this with you. Believe me, if you have no money for business and you want to get rich, sales is the key. The potential of getting variable income is ultimately possible and receiving incentives on top of your state-raped basic salary (thanks to the everlasting tax)



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