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It’s just right! The 25th year ender…


Oh, how time flies so fast right? It has been almost a year already when I joined my current employer. I could definitely say that this is one of the toughest year so far (or should I say, the toughest one ever). There are moments of triumphs, victories, miracles and blessings and there were also times of sadness, realizations, disappointments and failures. Nonetheless, my 25th year has been the ultimate measure of my austerity, maturity and perseverance.

Every year, we celebrate the coming of two years. One, is for the universal welcome to the new calendar year, the second one is the celebratory welcome to your own year, a mark of aging and the coming of new wrinkles. Both we celebrate with extreme enthusiasm.

I don’t believe in Feng Shui, or the the alignment of our fate towards the animals and amulets and lucky charms. This belief is not manifested by my Catholic upbringing, but rather a logical decision. But I do agree on their desire to attract positive vibes, the magnetizing effect of optimism and it’s impact to every humans. I agree that luck should never be just pure luck, but a combination of opportunity and preparation and effort.

So there, please don’t convince me that Year of the Dragon would be an excellent time to invest money. I believe investing money should be done anytime, within the right time and with the right business and the right person. I don’t think it needs a supernatural force to summon that.

Now, enough said, I actually have a different topic and I’m probably making you bored, but beware this post is a narcissist one as I did not attempt to make any tips, or suggestions or advices to my readers. I actually would like to list my Top 10 Desire for my 26th Year.

Here we go:

Number 10. I want a new room with an excellent view of the city. Minus the walls of your adjacent neighbor

Number 9. I want to have an iPad 2. Ever since I bought my Samsung Tab, I thought may new Samsung Netbook would be enough to answer my mobility needs. But what a fool I was. As a guy who tweet every 30 minutes, post and share links every hour and check my mails every minute, I definitely need a tablet that I can open in less than a second.

Number 8. I want to upgrade Vinci (my Nikon D3000 DSLR). I want to have a new DSLR with HD Movie recording capability. A decent Canon 1100D (brandnew or secondhand will do.

Number 7. Books. Need no explanation. I smell books and worship them. I believe books are the greatest invention of all time (next would be Adobe Photoshop)

Number 6. A ticket to Santorini, Batanes, Camiguin, Palawan and Hongkong. I have already have a ticket to Shanghai.

Number 5. The Blackberry 9930. Blackberry for me is still the best smartphone. Bar None

Number 4. A 10Mbps 1:1 Dedicated Leased Internet Connection. Via a preferred cable route with least congestion and faster peering to US web servers and other internet hosts.

Number 3. Any powerful ultrabook, the new generations, with a supreme sense of mobility, extreme power and battery life, lightweight and gorgeous.

Number 2. A Personalized Domain to all my beloved blogs

Number 1. Any of these beauties: Canon S100 (S95 will do), Lumix LX5, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1, Fujifilm FinePix X100, or Olympus Pen (sluuuuuurp)

There you go, please don’t bother wrapping it, I love the candid giving and the lack of surprise….

(And most importantly, prosperous career, healthy family and more success! Nothing less, nothing more…)



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