About the Blogger

I have been a salesman since 2006. My first job was a junior account executive in the oldest telecommunications company in the Philippines. I stayed in the company for more than three-years. My stint with my first job paved the way to my sales career. A graduate of Communication Arts in the oldest catholic university in Asia, the author of this blog is still finding the right career for him in the near future.

A struggling and thriving young professional, the author aims to write almost everything that has a significant effect on his life, as a salesman and as an artist. A lover of the arts, technology, travel and design, thethrivingsalesman is the brother of artslave. Together, they will put some of the latest and juiciest items in the internet.

Come and join him as we take a plunge in the busy and convoluted streets of Manila. thethrivingsalesman will be the ultimate source of almost anything under the sun.

Email: gianpisuena@live.com



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