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It’s just right! The 25th year ender…

  Oh, how time flies so fast right? It has been almost a year already when I joined my current employer. I could definitely say that this is one of the toughest year so far (or should I say, the toughest one ever). There are moments of triumphs, victories, miracles and blessings and there were … Continue reading

the long awaited story —-

Dear all, How are you doing today? It must have been a hectic and toxic week so far. The holiday rush is starting to sink in deeper into our schedule and business is slow as usual. It is supposed to be a low season for us salespeople here in Manila and every foreign national who … Continue reading

Q4 Agenda – 1 week loss

Yesteday I had a sigh of relief to learn that one account was able to sign last Friday (September 30) which adds to my 40,000USD target. It was a superb news, however I still missed my target by 9% In sales, and perhaps in any other business operation, month-end is always the critical part of … Continue reading

The finish line is a long story…

While reading this post let me tell you that I wrote it using my new buddy ‘Bino’. Bino is my new toy, he is a Blackberry Bold 9700 and he is very amazing. Anyway, how are you? – I’m still alive, the salesman is still a salesman and things are getting tougher and tougher every … Continue reading

goodbye harry potter, the movie that i loved the most

It was a cold, usual Monday morning of November, year 2001. I was a flismy, high school student, barely a wuss. I walk the corridor of my school as I mutter the word ‘wingardium leviosa’. I was bedazzled (or rather bewitched) by the last scenes that played in my mind, a vision of a flying … Continue reading

The Salesman Top Pick for the Most Influential Blog 2011

Here is the list of my fellow bloggers who deserve to be nominated for the Most Influential Blog for 2011. To know more about the search, click here 1. Sleek in the City – The Sleek Folks’ Guide to the Best of Manila + Beyond  The List of the Best of Everything is here. Sleek … Continue reading

Building pipeline and achieving sales targets

Are you a salesman? Name it, account manager, account executive, business consultants, business development executive, relationship manager, territory manager, all of these titles are equivalent to a sales position. Perhaps the only job position in the world where there is only one common KPI (key performance indicator) – Achieve Sales Targets, sales is perceived to … Continue reading

What you have missed…

Wow, I have been quite busy these past few weeks. The amount of work that needs to be done is just intense and I have been very focused on getting the tasks finished. And fortunately, my target for the second quarter has been met already and I have achieved 120% of my target. Not bad, … Continue reading

The Success Discourse: Does Academic Honor translate to Success?

My attention to salary has been ignited when I read this article. The author claimed that by the age of 30, our salary must be 400% of your current (w)age. Such an ideal scenario but getting there is absolutely difficult. In the article, there was an attempt to compare high-achievers to ordinary graduate professionals. According … Continue reading

The Summer Heat + Ayala Avenue Facelift = Heatstroke

There is an ongoing heat wave happening all over the country. The hot spell we are experiencing right now is so intense I hear a couple of people has died of heat stroke already. Temperature in Manila this week has already reached a ridiculous 36 degrees Celsius and could well be considered as the hottest to date so … Continue reading

The Freedom Wall