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It’s just right! The 25th year ender…

  Oh, how time flies so fast right? It has been almost a year already when I joined my current employer. I could definitely say that this is one of the toughest year so far (or should I say, the toughest one ever). There are moments of triumphs, victories, miracles and blessings and there were … Continue reading

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  • Thank you for the first-world class of service @talk2GLOBE / Bayan. Down since October 1 and no feedback yet for ETR. Bravo! 4 days ago
  • Deymn i’m so broke and i need to pay my phone bill and/or my insurance and I chose to buy a bag? Depowtah! Priorities G!!!!! 1 week ago
  • Meanwhile i just watched #Kingsman today I was disappointed :( huge downfall fm the first. poorly done and Elton John cameo is unnecessary 1 week ago
  • ...depression, anxiety and other mental conditions needs to be educated. 1 week ago
  • So when people tell me not to overthink or relax, I secretly want to tell them that it is not really helping. People who don’t understand... 1 week ago
  • My panic disorder has worsened over d years, brought by so mch stress & emotional turmoils, I had 2 take medications #MentalHealthAwareness 1 week ago
  • Meanwhile allow me to rant or share my ongoing battle with anxiety right now #MentalHealthMatters 1 week ago